The Experience

What you’ll get

You will receive our expert guidance and step by step help as we get you from where you are to where you want to be. We have a large bank of contacts in the United States who are always looking for the next recruit to help their team and make the difference. By becoming a member of the Unisoccer family you will get your chance to shine in the States and have the safety net of studying for a degree same time.

How it will work and what it’s like moving to the States

After signing up for Unisoccer we will begin the process of gathering relatable information from you and getting your video to coaches who will be interested in recruiting you. Once they like what they see, they will reach out to you or a member of the Unisoccer team and the first step to becoming a college soccer player will be taken.
Moving to the States to play soccer for an American College or University is an amazing experience that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience. This brave step can open up a world of opportunities as soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Professional teams are constantly scouting College games and playing College Soccer is a great stepping stone to making a career out of what you love doing, and at the same time having a safety net in of a degree to fall back on.